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La Krisis
Born in Bogotá, Colombia in a middle class family Dj whatever started getting involve in music at a very early age taking music lessons as a child. In his puberty he went to the FJC where he learned classical guitar and reading notes. Then on some moment he smoke weed and started wondering. He got into heavy music and change to the electric guitar whit out forgetting his classical formation he started to study by himself and getting involve more and more into heavy music. He formed Occisor (www.myspace.com/occisormetal) along whit some friends. They are still playing and just release their third work. After some years in the Colombian metal scene he got in touch with computer generated music and in some moment got more serious until he started the S.T.H. project (www.myspace.com/sthcc) which combines three people making music and images con vined in a live act whit two PC..s and video proyectors playing their own tunes. In 2005 Ronald travels to Berlin and decided to move there in 2006 where he started to play as in the local scene as S.T.H. and Whatever whit artist like LFO-Demon, Rat-C, Hetzer, Christoph Fringelli, Hecate, Cora, Evil Trust, Parataxia, DJ Flash and meny more. Also played in festivals in Check Republic, Poland and Germany whit the Cyberrise crew. bla, bla, bla..... keep it underground!!!!
La Krisis
Rita Dagaz
Act: Dj Set / drum n bass .

Homebase: Berlin - Germany    
Label(s): X-Tractor    
Booking: contact@x-tractor.org    
Download: >>>    
Web: http://myspace.com/whatevercc