releases free for you to download !!!
most of sets are exclusively recorded for X-Tractor. A lot of work goes in these so please register your email address and city when downloading material. Thank you for your continued support.


by TraumA / Kalma-T
Title: Mix for a streaming session for Bogotrax 09
Info: Dj mix and visuals, 63 min, FLV
Description: Mix by TraumA en su casa con visuales de Kalma-T.


by X-tractor Video-crew
Info: Videoloop, 52 sec, FLV
Description: Visit of Alexanderplatz, Berlin.
speaker new

by Kalma T
Title: Mascara
Info: Videoloop , FLV

by Ocho
Title: Broken
Info: Track , Drum n Bass, mp3 , 192Kbts , 1:46 min , 1,46Mb.

by La Krisis
Title: Rayas
Info: video loop mix, 30 sec, FLV, 2,90Mb.
Highway of the south of France in direction of Barcelona. feel free to share, copy, change, ... etc. -anti-copyright- If you become rich or famous with this: SORRY!!!

by TraumA
Title: Go For It
Info: Dj mix , BreakCore , mp3 , 192Kbts , 58 min , 80Mb.
Description: Here we have a straight into your face mix by TraumA. Recorded just a few weeks ago in her apartment in Berlin, she offered us a nice set of artist like, end.user, fobia, amboss, xanopticon,cake builder, hecate, etc. Enjoy!


by Sebass
Title: Chontaduro
Info: Dj mix , Drum n Bass, mp3 , 192Kbts , 70 min , 97,1Mb.
Description: Dj set by our friend Sebass exclusively recorded for x-tactor in the x.tractor party in Bogota-Colombia, last february this year. Perfect timing and a nice set of songs.


by S.T.H.
Title: Naadejo feat. VoixVox
Info: Track , Drum n Bass, mp3 , 192Kbts , 7,33 min , 10,3 Mb.
Description: This is a complete Track ready to add on your playlist on your next Dj set. This track is a bit oldie but still rocks. Thanks to VoizVox for the nice vocals.Enjoy.


by La Krisis
Title: Ovni
Info: video loop mix, 30 sec, FLV, 4Mb.
Description: a little ufo flying in bogota city, self made with an old lamp and fishing staf, filming in rollers, and mixed with a high way near of Marseille and a tv distortion, feel free for share, copy, change, ... etc. -anti-copyrigth- If you become rich or famous with this: SORRY!!!

by S.T.H.
Title: s.t.h.deathmix
Info: live mix Drum n Bass mp3, 192 Kbts, 20 min, 80Mb..
Description: I recorded this short mix last spring in my studio in Berlin K:ITA. P.Q.R.


by Whatever
Title: Piso tr3s
Info: Dj mix Drum n Bass, mp3, 192 Kbts, 60 min, 80 Mb.
Description: Dj mix , february 2008 in Piso Tr3s , Bogota @ the X-tracor Party. Enjoy!

by Parataxia
Title: La Muela del Juicio
Info: Dj mix BreakCore, mp3, 192 Kbts, 63 min, 80 Mb.
Description: here we have a state of the art mix by Parataxia. The Flawless mixing and a very carefull post production, assist by S.T.H. end up in this master piece of Turnabilism.