x-tractor started in Berlin as a collective in 2005. Since 2023 it’s an association. It has originally been founded by Blanchebln , Traum_A , Ronald Davila and FOKKOF.

The association understands itself as a platform to promote local and international artists and activists from diverse backgrounds. In this spirit, X-Tractor has realised many multidisciplinary projects and collaborations:

Performances, events, exibitions, music label, printed publication and streaming.

The association promotes art and culture through the organization and implementation of cultural projects and events (music, film, performance events, festivals, exhibitions), which preferably dealwith the spectrum of expression of urban subcultures.
We try to expand networks between European artists, in particular France-Germany, and Latin American artists, in particular from Colombia, in order to promote intercultural exchange and make common struggles visible.
The association promotes both the artistic work of its members and the productions of other individuals and collectives.

Coming from the “free techno scene”, the members of x-tractor are convinced that free culture can make a difference in a capitalist society where profit is the main driver of action and, as a consequence, culture is often commercialised. In contrast, proposing “free” art and culture is an act of activism and creates deep connections between people because it is based on participation rather than on consumerism. X-Tractor understands art as a tool through which social and political contents can be transported and experienced. The organisation is interested in spaces that are critical of discrimination and privileges, that are participatory and follow the spirit of DIY.