Born at Bogota (Colombia) 1981, has been involved in live music since childhood.
Since98 works as a sound technician for concerts and partys professionally.
Sound engineer , producer and dj, living in Barcelona (España) since 2003.
His productions include tha dark side of the dubstep and drum and bass with big influences of techno and jungle.
In his dj sessions can be heard dubstep, break beat, drum and bass, jungle and drill.
In 1999 he begins to play and participate in the techno scene in Bogota, in 2000 founded a club called the Church NSB (New Sound Bogota) where shares with the main DJs of the local scene.
In Barcelona with a group of friends in 2005 founded Nosotek colective and participate actively in Catalunya raves.
He has performed with his dynamic drum and bass live act in Berlin, Barcelona, Rotterdam and Bogota.
Since 2009 belongs to Sindrome de Sound platform (Barcelona) and Xtractor (Berlin).
He participated in the Bogotrax festival as an artist and technician since 2006 through 2011.
In 2009 released his first release on vinyl with the German labelXtractor records , in 2010 published 5 digital releases with Brutal Attack record label based in Munich.
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  dubstep by RATIO8
drum and bass by RATIO8
mixes by RATIO8